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David Ingalls

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David Ingalls became certified to teach Transcendental Meditation in 1972 and has been teaching something ever since. From 1984 to 1999 he was employed as a full-time coach and PE teacher, coaching teams in lacrosse, cross-country, wrestling, gymnastics, basketball, and soccer. He first began the practice of Ashtanga in 1994 before spending 3 weeks with Richard Freeman in Boulder CO. With another year of practice and after taking classes from a variety of teachers on the east coast David went to Mysore, India. David opened the Ashtanga Yoga Center in the summer of ’97. David was back in India  2010/2011 with A.G. Mohan and his wife Indra. The Mohans studied for eighteen years with the yoga master Krishnamacharya and have authored four books. David is  the first person in Washington area certified to teach Svastha yoga.

David’s Open class focuses on postures that work with balance. You will find a variety of challenging posture’s done at a moderate pace.  Davids class moves from a few easy hips and spine openers into a warrior series including warrior one, two and half moon posture and a varration called side warrior. Next we move into wide angle and varraions, side angle’s, and then some deep hambstring work.  I have been adding a few standing balances, like big toe posture or vrkasana as a segue to the floor 40minutes. Once on the floor a  few easy janusirasana  and  sitting of supine twist. Then a back bend series , shoulderstand series and a few easy postures to clase the class down.