What Our Members are Saying!

About All About Alignment:

I participated in the first two of Laurie’s Posture Workshops and found them to be really helpful. My posture is more aligned as my imbalances begin to neutralize. Laurie’s ability to communicate the specifics of each exercise is so helpful in understanding and incorporating the work to be done in a home practice. We learned how to do the poses and why they are effective. Laurie emailed us the exercises that include photographs and descriptions so doing them at home is easy. I am enjoying the positive effects of the exercises and I am hooked! Show up, do the work, reap the benefits. No one needs to live in pain! Thank you Laurie!               Sandy Kavalier, Yoga Teacher

About Massage Therapy:

“In a very short period of time, Kelly’s massage work has loosened up a chronic shoulder issue. I’m certain it’s because of her deep understanding of anatomy and musculature, as well as kinesthetics.”       –Cathy

Kelly has…achieved considerable expertise in her craft. … Regular therapeutic massage with Kelly has been a critical to my full recovery from the neuro-muscular after-effects of double mastectomy and chemotherapy. Indeed, I have encouraged others to include her on their treatment and recovery teams!”      –Roxanna