Mat Storage

Members of the studio enjoy free mat storage !

Non-members can store their mats for $10 a month. This charge will be set up as a recurring automatic monthly debit taken out of your checking account (ACH). We regret that credit cards, cash, or check can not be accepted for mat storage.

All students wishing to store their mats in our studio, please note we require that all mats be labeled (name or initials) and registered with the front desk. Keeping your mat in a bag is recommended. You will be assigned a storage spot for your mat. Please always return your mat to your assigned spot.

This service has limited availability and we’ll accommodate your needs on a first come first served basis.

If you would like to use our mat storage, please speak to one of our desk staff today. If you are not a member of the studio remember to bring a voided check to set up your ACH monthly payments.


Disclaimer:  Even though the studio will take its best measures to ensure the safety of your mat, please note that storing your mat is at your own risk. The Yoga Fusion Studio will not be responsible for misplaced, lost or stolen mats under any circumstances.